Innovation Tour – INTERFORST 2022

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Target the innovations: On our guided Innovation Tour, you will head for the specific stands that will give you a concise overview of all 2022’s innovations. Take part in the tour that will take you straight to the exhibitors nominated for the kwf Members Award and their innovations.

Our guide will accompany you in groups of between 10 and 20 on this journey of innovation. You will visit eight selected stands that will offer you new ideas and concrete solutions. Each tour lasts 90-120 minutes and includes a keynote speech at each stand.

Nice to know

For your planning: The meeting point is at the East entrance behind the turnstiles at 9:30 a.m. each day. Participation is free for trade fair visitors with a valid INTERFORST ticket. Please book your Innovation Tour in advance via our website.

Here’s a tip: In our experience there is usually a high level of interest, so we recommend booking early.

The dates of the Innovation Tour at a glance

  • July 17, 2022, 09:30 (German)
  • July 18, 2022, 09:30 (English)
  • July 19, 2022, 09:30 (German)
  • July 20, 2022, 09:30 (English)


Product information

The new slogan is "WoodApp – From Space To Pocket". We show how current satellite data from ESA comes directly to the smartphone. WoodsApp connects the forest owner and his responsible forester of the forestry association. With WoodsApp, both have a direct communication channel in one app. The forest owner receives extensive information from the experts, perfectly tailored to his individual situation. Even the individual exchange via chat is possible in the app.

Target group(s)

The target groups are predominantly the private forest owners and their advisory foresters of the forestry organisations.

Product information

treeva is a system for digital support of timber harvesting. With treeva, trees can be located and important information can be stored (by voice) at the same time. The recording of wood piles in treeva is carried out by photooptical recording using the latest image processing technologies.

Target group(s)

Forest owners, foresters

Product information

The TR4P continuously collects and evaluates environmental data and reacts to environmental conditions in real time. As the pheromone release is fully controllable, it is autonomously adapted to the local situation based on comparable environmental conditions. This leads to a more efficient use of the attractant, saves money and reduces necessary maintenance intervals. This is smart and resource-saving at the same time. In addition, the flight behaviour of the beetles can be analysed, documented and thus predicted depending on the weather data, because the counting unit documents the number of bark beetles caught. The counting funnel is designed in such a way that beneficial insects are not captured and can escape again. The data is transmitted in tabular form, directly to a GIS or other cadastral system via mobile phone network, by e-mail and/or by storage on an SD card. Furthermore, the system cleans itself when soiled and insect pests are killed insecticide-free. The photovoltaic power supply makes the TR4P self-sufficient. The device is thus low-maintenance, reduces personnel costs and also the trips to the trap. Thanks to the modular design, existing systems can be easily supplemented or rebuilt as desired. A smart beetle trap with weather data.

Target group(s)

The target groups include forestry (private, state forest owners, research institutes), municipal technology, municipal administrations and service providers in the green sector.

Product information

Thanks to the integrated fine dust separator, the HDG Compact 95E wood chip heating system enables the use of lower quality wood chips, e.g. from top wood, etc.. At the same time, the strict emission specifications are still met. Thanks to cascade systems, outputs of more than 95 kW are also possible. Thanks to the integrated filter, poorer quality wood chips can also be used. This is ideal at the moment, because "thanks" to bark beetle and storm damage, there is a lot of residual wood that cannot be used for any other purpose.

Target group(s)

Our product is aimed at farmers and foresters who need more power, e.g. in fattening.

Product information

MEWP/elevated work platform, fully tractor-mounted or as 3-point-linkage version, also suitable for a re-fit onto already available plant & machinery, offering potential enterprise activities by providing additional services.

Target group(s)

Commune/Council Services – e.g., treescape maintenance, road safety/vegetation control

Farm-based Associations – e.g., Machinery Rings /and other land-based support groups

Professional Tree Surgery, and general arboricultural Services

Utility-Infrastructure Providers – e.g., National Power Suppliers and other Service Industries

Product information

Mountain harvester SYNCRO 45 K

The patented SYNCRO BOOST SYSTEM combines high tractive force and pulling power, high energy efficiency, high rope speed and productivity, long rope runs and excellent manoeuvrability.

Universal trolley MM-SHERPA UH 4L

The patented combination of hydraulic payout in 2-rope operation and forced payout in 3-rope operation. This makes the trolley universally applicable for all modes of operation and suitable for the longest and steepest ropeways.

Target group(s)

Logging contractors who move the logs to the forest road with rope equipment.

Product information

It is a forwarder with 19t permissible total weight. The forestry trailer can be steered and adjusted in height by means of 2 cylinders. It has a hydraulically extendable rear end, spring-loaded brake, large tool compartment, etc.

Target group(s)

Forest farmers and forestry service providers, landscape maintenance companies

Product information

Felling Truck

The Ebert felling truck combines a transport truck with a felling unit so that felling work can be done with only one machine. This allows for greater efficiency and counteracts the shortage of personnel in the tree care sector. The Ebert felling truck shows its strengths especially in limited space conditions, e.g. in narrow streets or on highways. Thanks to the integrated Palfinger crane with drop unit, it can grip, fell and load in one work step. After the felling work, the felling material can be transported away immediately without further reloading and the construction site is left clean.

Felling Crane

The Ebert felling crane is considered a total all-rounder in tree care. It can be used as a felling crane, working platform and crane and is thus a great help in traffic safety, among other things. The Ebert felling crane differs from other telescopic forklifts in that it is fully radio-controllable and no worker necessarily has to sit in the cab. This feature allows dead trees to be removed in a particularly safe manner without, for example, tree climbers putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

In addition, the felling crane is equipped with the so-called "EBERT Safety Glass" according to ISO 21876:2020 as specified by the manufacturer. The special VSG safety glass is chain shot and shatterproof. This makes it a livesaver in case of falling branches or objects.

Target group(s)

All forestry and tree care companies