Trade fair for forest regeneration and forest management – because reforestation means securing our future.

Through reforestation, a number of global environmental problems can be tackled at the same time. Because each tree planted helps to break down CO2 and reforestation helps to restore damaged habitats, to protect the existing biodiversity and to reduce the risks of damage caused by flooding. Clearly, forest regeneration and forest management will be important issues at INTERFORST 2022.

Be it site preparation, propagating materials, soil improvement or cultural and young stock care – the individual aspects of forest regeneration and forest management can be difficult. But they are extremely important – both economically and culturally. How can we create space for forest regeneration and planting new forests? What propagating materials and seeds are most suitable? How can reforested areas and newly planted forests grow successfully in spite of droughts and other climatic challenges? What is the ideal form of young stock care? INTERFORST, the leading trade fair for the forestry industry, provides answers – and effective solutions. Our trade fair focuses on reforestation and covers the following areas:

Site preparation

A perfectly prepared site is the basis for a healthy, strong forest. When planting new areas of forest, the site must first be cleared extremely carefully. The Bracke mounder procedure and various items of equipment such as diggers and flail mowers can be used.

In 2018, the companies exhibiting included:

  • BayWa AG
  • Erzeugergemeinschaft für Qualitätsforstpflanzen “Süddeutschland” e.V.
  • FAE Central East Europe GmbH
  • Forstbaumschulen Gracklauer
  • Grenzebach Pflanzen und Forstdienstleistungen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Himmelberger Zeughammerwerk
  • LIECO Deutschland GmbH & Co KG
  • Murauer Forstpflanzen GmbH
  • PrimeTech
  • Sailer Baumschulen GmbH
  • Sailer Forstarbeiten GmbH
  • Karl Schlegel OHG

Forest propagating materials, seeds and planting

The type and quality of the propagating materials are crucial when regenerating and rejuvenating forests. The growth properties of a tree must be perfectly tailored to the environmental conditions such as the climate and the soil. Purchasing correctly labeled propagating materials from a reputable dealer is equally important. This is the only way to ensure that the trees planted have no genetic damage.

At the last INTERFORST, the following companies provided information regarding the quality of propagating materials:

  • Bayerisches Amt für forstliche Saat- u. Pflanzenzucht
  • Karl Schlegel OHG
  • Sailer Baumschulen
  • Erzeugergemeinschaft für Qualitätsforstpflanzen “Süddeutschland” e.V.

Soil improvement and fertilization

During soil improvement work, the soil is made suitable for agricultural use by fertilizing it and draining or watering it. There are various techniques and machines for doing this – and for removing undergrowth, scrub and old trees. When arable land is converted into forest, the grass cover must be destroyed. Depending on the thickness of the grass, this is achieved by skimming, digging or burning. If stony soils with lots of debris are to be made arable, blasting is mainly used.

Specialist exhibitors in 2018 included:

  • PLOCHER GmbH integral-technik

Cultural and young stock care and dry pruning

In order to maintain areas of forest for future generations, regular forest management is essential – especially when it comes to the effects of climate change. This includes for example the right mix of trees and protecting young stocks against game and other animals. In order to create the space new trees need to grow stably, the number of stems may need to be reduced. If necessary, more dominant trees must give way to weaker species. In other words, mixed forests are encouraged. In order to ensure good sales prices once the timber is harvested, the quality of the wood and the absence of branches are extremely important. The trees should therefore be dry-pruned while they are still young.

Visitors to INTERFORST 2018 learned more about this from the following experts:

  • Müller, Leonhard, & Söhne GmbH
  • Himmelberger Zeughammerwerk
  • Sailer Forstarbeiten GmbH
  • Schmitt GmbH Forst- & Gartentechnik