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The focus at INTEFORST in July 2026 is on the entire value chain: from reforestation and wood harvesting to sawmills with the wood heating section.

Forst regenration and management

Through reforestation, a number of global environmental problems can be tackled at the same time. Because each tree planted helps to break down CO2 and reforestation helps to restore damaged habitats, to protect the existing biodiversity and to reduce the risks of damage caused by flooding.

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Special show in hall B6

Forest protection

Protecting the forest is one of the most important tasks when it comes to sustainable forestry. What is the most important thing here? An integrated analysis and assessment of the entire forest stock – instead of singular examinations of individual plants or damage factors.

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Forest Center Saxony-Anhalt at the KWF Special Show.

Harvesting and transporting timber

The better the equipment, the faster, safer and more efficiently forest care, timber harvesting and timber hauling can be carried out. What is needed is quite simple: large, extremely powerful forestry machines.

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Christoph Heinemann Forst- und Landtechnik e.K. Forestry machinery. Booth FS 1005/10.

Timber processing

What methods are there for quickly and effectively processing timber? What are the benefits of mobile sawmills? And how can metal objects be reliably located? INTERFORST will give you a comprehensive overview of the key technologies in timber processing.

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Wood energy

Fossil fuels will not be available indefinitely and are becoming more and more expensive. At the same time, our environmental awareness is increasing. Heating with wood energy is sustainable, CO2-neutral and cost-effective. As a result, this economic factor is increasingly being recognized as a growing market.

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Protection forest

Caring for forests and natural landscapes, parks and green spaces is not a question of aesthetics; it’s a question of survival. Humans and animals need nature and its resources – for their habitat, food, and protection from the elements. This makes conservation, cultivation, care and growth all the more important, and forestry plays a key role here.

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Computing, IT, telecommuncations

Information management and telecommunications play an increasingly important role in modern forestry. Cutting-edge technologies and digital tools make numerous procedures easier. These include forest planning, forest inventories and wood stock estimation, measuring procedures such as soil analysis, terrestrial surveys and log measurement, documentation and performance assessment and even navigation and location sharing.

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Hall B6, Bayerische Forstverwaltung, Stand 547

Safety and occupational health

Serious injuries are not uncommon in forestry: In 2019 alone, there were some tousand severe forest accidents in Germany—some of them serious and leading to death. One thing is clear: There is a high risk potential associated with many forest operations.

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Oudoor area, Pfanner Schutzbekleidung GmbH, FM Stand 709/1


Indispensable for modern forestry: New systems and advanced components form the technological foundation for innovation and increased efficiency. At INTERFORST you will therefore find the latest developments and solutions for greater efficiency, sustainability and performance in modern forestry.

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OCELL - Timberdata. Digital Solutions for Forestry. Booth B6.109.

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