Woodpassage—The path to sustainable building with wood

INTERFORST 2022 on the exhibition grounds in Munich is the stage for all topics surrounding the forestry and timber industry. The topic of wood will also be presented to interested members of the public and passers-by in Munich’s city center.

Why is sustainable building with wood so important?

In the run up to INTERFORST, proHolz Bayern, the image alliance of the Bavarian forestry and timber industry, will present its “woodpassage” from July 5 to 14, 2022 at the Munich Rindermarkt. The walk-in installation consists of around 13 cubic meters of wood and explains the journey the sustainable raw material wood takes, from tree to finished house. Inside, roughly 13 tons of CO2 are trapped in the long term. In doing so, the “woodpassage” sets an example for the increased use of wood in the construction of buildings and, therefore, active climate protection.

The message of the woodpassage:

  • Sustainable forest management and construction with wood are forms of active climate protection.
  • Urban recompaction with wood is making an indispensable contribution to protecting resources and achieving climate protection goals.
  • The increased use of wood in urban environments also benefits the residents: timber elements boast significantly shorter assembly and construction times, which greatly reduces exposure to noise and dust on site.


What does the woodpassage offer?

  • Attractive representation of the entire value chain, from tree to house
  • Information on the climate protection potential of wood in urban development
  • Examples of urban wood construction using QR codes
  • Awareness for sustainable forestry and timber industry in Bavaria.

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