The exhibition sector of the INTERFORST

The whole performance portfolio of INTERFORST

INTERFORST is as diverse as the forestry sector itself and characterized by its representative and comprehensive market overview. This is where the industry showcase along the entire value chain: from afforestation to timber harvesting up to the sawmill. And with the best offering also for your segment and your target audience. Another focus is the energetic use of wood.

The INTERFORST exhibition sectors

Afforestation and forest care

  • Site preparation
  • Forest reproductive material, seed and planting
  • Soil improvement and fertilizing
  • Care of seedlings, saplings, young trees and pruning

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Forest care and protection

  • Machinery, equipment, materials and systems for forest care
  • Fire monitoring and firefighting
  • Recording of damage and pollution
  • Conservation of species

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Cropping and harvesting

  • Felling and limbing
  • Logging
  • Fuels and lubricants for forest machines and two-stroke powered equipment including storage and transport
  • Special hydraulic and pneumatic systems for forest machinery
  • Engines and vehicle parts
  • Loading cranes, grabs, rotators and other accessories for lag-haulage vehicles
  • Spare parts and technical accessories for machines in the forestry and forest area
  • Tracks for forest machinery
  • Mobile tank farms

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Round timber yard

  • Machinery and equipment for round timber transshipment
  • Equipment for round timber storage
  • Equipment for timber care and timber conservation
  • Debarking machinery
  • Equipment for measuring, control and optimization
  • Machines for topping, notching and reduction
  • Conveyors

Forest road and track construction and maintenance

  • Machinery and equipment for forest road and track construction
  • Machinery and equipment for road and track maintenance
  • Machinery and equipment for snow clearance
  • Signposting, marking and routing of roads and tracks

Timber transport vehicles and other transport vehicles

  • Long-cut and short-cut timber transporters
  • Trailers with automatic steering, rear banks, other trailers and semi-trailers
  • Truck bodies, truck-mounted loading cranes, grabs and accessories
  • Low-loaders for machinery transportation
  • Trac and other carrier vehicles
  • Fork-lift trucks, telescope-lift trucks, work platforms, access ramps
  • Offroad vehicles and quads
  • Seats

Timber processing

  • Mobile sawmills and equipment
  • Sawmill technology
  • Recycling technology, waste disposal
  • Equipment for locating metal objects
  • Other machinery and equipment for timber processing

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Wood energy

  • Short rotation forestry (SFR)
  • Processing, storage and transport of wood fuel
  • Firewood technology

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Woodland as conservation and recreation area, tree and countryside care, land use and communal land engineering

  • Machinery, equipment and systems for the layout and care of shelterwoods and softwood game shelter stands
  • Machinery, equipment and accessories for tree care
  • Machinery, equipment and systems for preservation of the countryside and land use engineering
  • Machinery, equipment and systems for communal land engineering
  • Recreation areas in forests
  • Tree nurseries, woody plants, Christmas tree cultivation, equipment and technology

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EDP, measurement, information management and telecommunications in the forest

  • EDP systems
  • Equipment and systems for ground-based surveying and mapping of forests
  • Equipment and systems for aerial surveying
  • Equipment and systems for site and soil analysis
  • Equipment and systems for forest management, determining timber stocks
  • Round timber recording, determining volume and weight
  • Timber marking and numbering, marking paint and other auxiliary materials
  • Equipment and systems for work studies and performance analysis
  • Communications systems, telecommunications
  • GPS / GIS, navigation

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Safety and health at work, first aid

  • Forest protective clothing and equipment, work clothes
  • Vehicles for forest staff, accessories, sanitation and hygiene
  • First aid, rescue and emergency alarm

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  • Work preparation, quality assurance, controlling
  • Afforestation, forest care, timber harvesting
  • Services in the field of renewable energies and wood fuel
  • Timber logistics and trading
  • Management consulting, financial sponsorship
  • Banks and insurance
  • Damage claim processors and inspectors
  • Certification
  • Associations, organisations and other service providers
  • Forwarders
  • Sawmill Industry—Trading of round timber
  • Forestry training and education
  • Information and advice
  • Trade publishers, trade press and specialist literature
  • Internet portal