GoGreen Ticket – Together sustainable for a green future!

Everyone can make their contribution to climate protection, including you, as a visitor to INTERFORST 2022. For every GoGreen ticket, 3 euros of the ticket price will go directly to a regional reforestation project in Bavaria. We carry out the project via the Combayn® platform "Climate Forest" of Baywa AG –

The Bavarian Forest Owners Association supports us in the actual implementation.

Combayn® climate forest is used to reforest forest areas that have been particularly severely damaged by calamities such as storms, drought or bark beetles. Naturally climate-resilient tree species are planted in accordance with proper forestry practices. In addition, the forest area to be reforested is certified according to a recognised forest certification system. For the climate forest of tomorrow.

With your contribution from the purchase of a GoGreen ticket, you enable the establishment and long-term maintenance of climate-stable mixed forests. In this way, the diverse benefits of the forest can be secured and rebuilt for future generations. At the same time, you support forest owners here on site, who are given a perspective on stabilising their forests in the face of climate change.

Together for the forest of tomorrow - forest management is active climate protection!

Thank you very much for your small support in this great task of forest ownership in Bavaria.

How you support climate protection with GoGreen Audit

Climate change is a global and generation-wide challenge that we must also face as a company. Our exhibition grounds already feature many environmentally friendly facets, from geothermal energy and photovoltaics to large scale greening. As Messe München, we want to strengthen our "green footprint" and be CO₂ neutral by 2030 at the latest. That's why we're also appealing to our visitors, exhibitors and partners to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and take an important step toward a more sustainable future together with us.

Rummel, Stefan
  • Managing Director
  • Messe München GmbH

Benefits of the GoGreen Ticket

Emissions-neutral visit to the trade fair by paying a flat fee for your CO₂ consumption

By offsetting your CO₂ consumption by recognized methods, you will actively help to protect the climate.

Support for sustainable, renowned climate protection projects

Your offset fee will directly go to high-quality carbon offset projects whose development you can follow transparently.

No additional effort compared to purchasing a regular ticket

GoGreen Tickets do not consume any additional resources.

High visibility as a green visitor thanks to your GoGreen Badge

As a green visitor, you will draw other visitors’ attention to the importance of climate protection and literally become an ambassador for climate protection projects.

Consciously avoiding emissions

In addition to the GoGreen CO₂ Ticket, there will be other opportunities for you to avoid emissions, save raw materials and protect the environment during your visit to INTERFORST 2022.

Climate protection on site

  • Drinking with Re-Cup: reusable cups, bottles or other containers are welcome at INTERFORST. Feel free to bring your own to avoid waste.
  • Walking with a good conscience: no corridor carpets on the exhibition grounds and high rates of textile reuse support the deliberate use of resources.

Environmentally friendly travel

  • Climate-friendly journey: with INTERFORST’s special Event Ticket for Deutsche Bahn your travel will be low emission. And thanks to the trade fair center’s excellent public transport connections to Munich you will always be right in the middle of the action.
  • Green refueling on site: 50 stations are available on the exhibition grounds for charging your electric vehicle.
  • Cleanly separated: strict recycling makes INTERFORST even more sustainable, which is why we dispose of the waste resulting from assembly and dismantling as commercial waste for recycling. Recyclable materials can thus be returned to the economic cycle.