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Logs: Provision and usage for the future

March 22, 2022
  • Optimally setting up logistics for wood from extreme events
  • Wood in the bioeconomy for reducing CO2 emissions
  • Program of presentations focusing on the topic of “Recycling lines”

See you at INTERFORST. That’s the motto of all the participants in the value chain for forestry and wood. The industry will meet on the exhibition grounds in Munich from July 17 to 20, 2022, in order to exchange on how to set the course for the forests of the future. One of the focal topics of the trade fair relates to the optimization of recycling strategies, the development of new business areas as well as the combination of forest management and recycling lines.

There is a clear need to reorient and innovate in the area of log provision: Rapid extraction of wood for fresh wood and damaged wood, robust provisions for storing logs in the storage areas and efficient methods of getting the wood out of the forest – without involving beetles – are essential for the forestry and timber industry.

Setting up wood recycling for the future

At INTERFORST, numerous exhibitors will present the right devices and solutions for these tasks. Looking at digital systems, for example, you can see what efficient work for optimal wood classification is like today: With advanced applications based on image processing solutions, it is possible to comprehensively represent and efficiently record the dimensions of an area, as well as measure individual trunks. These solutions also allow maximum transparency for the further recycling lines.

However, wet storage technology and log trucks are also in demand for quick removal. With log yard technology, mobile processing systems and high-performance transport solutions, INTERFORST 2022 offers users out in the woods and forests a wide range of products for various forest structures.

What’s more, the industry is facing increased national and international demand for logs and lumber: This development and the appreciation of wood as a sustainable material means that the utilization strategies for wood are being realigned, depending on its quality. This relates to the changes in the composition of tree species in the entire line between woods and forests as well as wood marketing, including improved efficiency in the use of materials.

Wood for the bioeconomy

According to the international wood manifesto, which was presented on the margins of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, wood is to play a major role in overcoming the climate crisis. It is therefore considered necessary to develop new usage concepts for all types and qualities of logs and to supply the sustainable wood raw material to different usage channels. Visitors can expect new ideas on these topics at INTERFORST.

One focus of the offerings is on wood energy plants as an additional method of using wood. According to the Glasgow declaration on sustainable bioenergy, there is still a lot to be done here: it claims that the net emissions worldwide are to be reduced by the equivalent of 600 million tons of CO2 through sustainable bioenergy from wood.

If you add the increased activities of the construction industry for the use of wood as a building material to this calculation, it becomes clear that the efficient and sustainable use of wood as a raw material and the long-term management strategies are priority topics in forestry now more than ever.

Current topics in the supporting program

The supporting program at INTERFORST also reflects the continuously advancing diversification in wood recycling with the topic “Recycling lines.” Here are some examples from the program: On July 19, 2022, Stefan Glasenapp will address “Wood Use in Germany.” On July 20, 2022, lectures on the focal topic will be held at the conference: Among others, the lectures “Potential for raw materials and possible uses for hardwood” and “Mobilization for raw materials for the bioeconomy” will offer INTERFORST visitors new ideas for aligning their recycling strategies.

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