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Most frequently asked questions—FAQ

General questions

As the international trade fair and innovations platform for forestry and forest technology, INTERFORST is characterized by a concise and representative market overview.

The wide range of products and diversity of the supporting events program from the business, science and political sectors cover the entire silvicultural value chain, providing for knowledge transfer, effective networking and generating successful business deals.

To INTERFORST's exhibition sectors

INTERFORST news is free of charge and is distributed to subscribers on a regular basis. It features information about the latest topics and developments pertaining to the show.

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Of course, you can cancel your subscription to INTERFORST news any time without problems. You will find an appropriate unsubscribe link at the end of each issue of the newsletter.

You can check your coat or luggage in all entrances to the Messe München exhibition center for a fee of EUR 2.50 per item.

Photography at the exhibition center is only permitted if authorized in advance by Messe München.

Messe München offers free wireless Internet access (WiFi) at the exhibition center. However, the service area is restricted to use in the vicinity of the halls and the Atrium. WiFi service is unavailable in the outdoor exhibition area of INTERFORST.

Messe München was developed and built to be barrier free from the start. Contact us by telephone or e-mail ahead of time to get information about special admission fees and on-site parking faciliities because they can vary, depending on the event.

Wheelchairs are available for rent in the entrances. We recommend contacting Veranstaltungsdienst Paul Mayr GmbH & Co.KG by telephone to make a reservation.

More information about free parking in the West Garage with an ID for the severely disabled.

Additional information about wheelchair rentals is available here

We will be happy to answer your questions. You can reach us here.

No, according to Messe München´s house and user rules it is not allowed to bring animals onto the exhibition grounds with the exception of guide dogs and other assistance dogs.

You can find closer information about your travel to the trade fair here.

All important information regarding visas and entry into Germany is available online under visa service.

If you have questions regarding your visa, please feel free to contact our foreign representative at any time, who would also be pleased to help you with your travel arrangements.

You can subscribe for the INTERFORST newsletter here for free.

If you have any other questions, please contact the service hotline or your local contact in our foreign representative's office, which is available here.

The contact information for our service hotline for visitors is as follows:

Tel.: +49 89 949-11548
Fax: +49 89 949-11549
E-mail: info@interforst.com

Questions on visitor tickets

You can purchase your ticket here, online and really easy.

Information about admission prices are be available here.

Discount tickets are only available at the trade show and cannot be ordered in advance. They are only available upon presentation of appropriate documentation.

Group tickets are not available for purchase online either. However, it is possible to order group tickets in advance. To inquire about group tickets, please contact us at gruppenkarten@messe-muenchen.de or by telephone at +49 89 949-11308.

No. Due to data protection regulations, all visitors / people must purchase their own ticket or redeem their own voucher for a ticket themselves.

Once you have successfully placed your ticket order, you will receive an e-mail that contains your personal Print@home Ticket as a PDF enclosure. Please print out your ticket, fold it as instructed, and bring it with you to the show. Your ticket gives you direct access to the exhibition. It is not necessary to exchange it at admission.

Once you have completed your order, the ticket that you ordered will be sent to you by e-mail as a PDF enclosure within 24 hours. This ticket is your admission ticket. It allows you to pass through the turnstiles and go directly into the exhibition halls.

Please contact a member of the registration management team. They can print out another copy of tickets that are saved in the system.

In rare cases, e-mails may end up in the spam filter of your mailbox. Please check your spam folder or contact your administrator.

You may have made a mistake when you entered your e-mail address with your other customer data. In this case, please contact the INTERFORST ticket service at: ticketservice@messe-muenchen.de

No. Tickets are personalized (e.g. with you name) and not generally transferable.

  • Also multiple-day tickets can only be used by the same person.
  • Important: Because tickets are for specific individuals and are not transferable, you may be asked to present an official photo ID at the admission gates.
  • Each barcode on the ticket is unique and impossible for the system to confuse. If a barcode has already triggered the turnstiles to open, admission will be refused to anyone who uses a copy of the ticket or tries to reuse the original ticket to gain access to the show. In this case, please contact the registration management team in the entrance.
  • If you lose your ticket and fear that someone might use it to attend the fair, please contact us by e-mail at registrierung@messe-muenchen.de so that we can disable your lost or stolen ticket.

Yes, the readers at the turnstiles recognize the barcode that's on your ticket and you can use it as a mobile ticket.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Giropay
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express

You may purchase tickets at the trade fair using generally accepted credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), your EC card or cash. For cash purchases, only euros are accepted.

We do everything we can to organize and further develop INTERFORST in keeping with your wishes and interests. The answers that you provide during registration help us to ensure that INTERFORST always meets your needs.

Naturally, your information will be treated as confidential and will not be forwarded to third parties without your consent. If an exhibitor invited you to the fair using a printed or online voucher, that exhibitor will receive your information when you redeem your ticket.

All details that pertain to this topic are available in the data protection statement of Messe München.

See the Data Protection statement of Messe München


Exhibitor questions

To participate in INTERFORST as a main or co-exhibitor, you must be eligible to be admitted to one of the fair's exhibition sectors.

Overview of all exhibition sectors at INTERFORST

An overview of participation fees such as rental fees for stand space, AUMA fees and more will be available here.

To participate in INTERFORST 2022, you must complete an application form. Based on the company and product information provided therein, we can see if your company is eligible to be admitted as an exhibitor at the show. There is no official application deadline. However, we recommend that you submit your application in time before the official start of stand allocation on April 2021, so that we can take your placement requests into account during the first round of assigning space.

To exhibitor application

Dates and deadlines for exhibitors

Stand allocation starts on April 2021. Provided we are able to accommodate your request, you will probably receive your stand proposal for INTERFORST 2022 in November 2021.

All Print@home tickets (exhibitor passes), regardless of whether they are free or paid for, can be ordered and personalized via the Exhibitor Shop. There, you can enter the details for all the Print@home tickets (exhibitor passes) that you are likely to require. The Print@home tickets (exhibitor passes) are dispatched by e-mail once the main exhibitor's payment of the admission invoice has been received by Messe München.

You will not need to distinguish between free and paid-for Print@home tickets (exhibitor passes) when ordering your tickets. The distinction will be made automatically on the final invoice. Your final invoice will include only the Print@home tickets (exhibitor passes) that were actually used for the event. You will not be charged for the free passes applicable to your stand, nor for unused passes.

Your exhibitor pass grants you admission to the fair prior to the official opening hours, at 08:00.

Simply order your exhibitor passes in our Exhibitor Shop. Exhibitor passes can be ordered by main exhibitors as well as co exhibitors.

The construction and dismantling times for INTERFORST 2022 can be found unter Dates & Logistics

No. During setup/dismantling, you do not need a pass to enter the grounds of the trade-fair center. If you plan to enter the grounds of the trade-fair center in an automobile or truck, please observe our Traffic Guidelines (available as of May 2022).

Hall / outdoor area + stand number
Am Messesee 2
81829 München

If you have any questions regarding the online catalog at our homepage, the printed drinktec catalog and other media entries, please feel free to contact our official catalog publisher, NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA, at any time.

Tel. +49 201 36547-306
E-mail: interforst@neureuter.de

You have the opportunity to advertise during the INTERFORST on the exhibition ground. See more information in our exhibitor shop.

The mandatory communications fee already includes a basic entry in the exhibition catalog as well as the online catalog. When the time comes, our catalog publisher, NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA, will inform you about ways to expand your entry such as by booking specific product categories.

If you have questions of a technical nature, our Technical Exhibition Service would be pleased to advise or assist you in any way possible. A list of contacts is available here.

For tax reasons we are unfortunately not allowed to issue invoices to other recipients.

The advance payment for exhibitor services is EUR 10/m² of rented exhibition space inside the halls, and EUR 5/m² of rented space in the outdoor exhibition area.

The German Council of Trade Fair and Exhibition (AUMA) levies all exhibitors a charge of EUR 0.60/m² of rented exhibition space. This amount is charged by Messe München GmbH and transferred directly to AUMA.

At INTERFORST 2018, a mandatory, flat-rate waste disposal fee is levied, which is to cover the disposal of all waste generated at the exhibitors’s booth during set-up and dismantling and throughout the duration of the trade fair. The amount charged for the waste disposal fee is EUR 2.50/m² of exhibition space, plus statutory VAT.

If you have any other questions, please contact the service hotline or your local contact in our foreign representative's office, which is available here.

The contact information for our service hotline is as follows:

Service hotline
Tel.: +49 89 949-11548
Fax: +49 89 949-11549
E-mail: info@interforst.com