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Regional bonds with a strong international orientation: Thanks to its manifest key trade fair character, the presence of major industry players and its central location in the heart of Europe, INTERFORST asserts its increasing global importance—not least by association to the global sales network of Messe München as a reliable partner to help you develop new markets.

The current figures for INTERFORST 2018 will follow shortly. Until then you can be convinced by the figures of INTERFORST 2014.

The INTERFORST exhibitors 2014

The exhibitors play the most important role—both in terms of quantity and quality. In 2014, INTERFORST boasted 451 exhibitors from 27 countries. The overview reveals just how international INTERFORST is:

INTERFORST's 27 exhibiting countries on a world map

Top 12 exhibitor countries
1. Germany 7. France
2. Austria 8. Switzerland
3. Italy 9. Slovenia
4. Sweden 10. Denmark
5. Finland 11. Poland
6. Netherlands 12. Russia

Our survey of exhibitors shows that they were able to accomplish their set objectives. They consistently rated INTERFORST with top marks.

See more results in the participant survey:

The INTERFORST visitors 2014

On five trade show days, some 50,000 visitors from 72 countries attended the fair at the Messe München exhibition venue and awarded excellent ratings.

Visitor target groups INTERFORST
Foresters, forest managers Universities, technical colleges, Scientists
Forestry offices, forest administrations Forestry colleges
Forestry companies Silviculturists, forest owners
Forestry contractors Organizations, associations
Machinery syndicates Timber trade
Trade chambers, guilds Government authorities, city administrations, municipalities
Timber transport companies Timber and sawmill industry
Machinery and equipment trade Woodworking industry

INTERFORST's 72 visiting countries on a world map

Top 12 visitor countries
1. Germany 7. Luxembourg
2. Austria 8. Croatia
3. Switzerland 9. Romania
4. Italy 10. Hungary
5. France 11. Czech Republic
6. Slovenia 12. Belgium

Our participant survey shows that visitors were not only numerous, they also achieved their goals. They consistently gave INTERFORST full marks.

See more results in the participant survey: