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Voices on INTERFORST 2018

July 22, 2018

From 18 to 22 July 2018 INTERFORST took place on the exhibition grounds. The almost 453 exhibitors had an excellent opportunity to present their products and services.

Ralf Dreeke, Managing Director, Wahlers Forsttechnik GmbH and Chairman of the INTERFORST Advisory Board: “We are more than satisfied with the course of INTERFORST. The visitors’ professional expertise and industry relevance were on a high level as usual. We are very pleased about the fact that many of our customers from northern and eastern Germany have come to Munich. The political support, the visit of the Bavarian forest owners within the framework of the centenary celebration and the strong reference to Austria due the Country Day—all that was of great importance for us as exhibitors directly or indirectly. Also, the new space concept of the trade show has convinced me after some initial skepticism. On the whole, the exhibition grounds are now perceived as being more open and attractive.”

Philipp zu Guttenberg, President of the Consortium of German Forest Owners AGDW—Die Waldeigentümer: “Interforst has brought together the innovative entrepreneurs and bright minds of the forestry industry. Thus, the trade show has provided strong impetus once again: it has picked up topical subjects such as digitalization, the securing of skilled staff and silvicultural adjustment to climate change. And it has presented the entire bandwidth of technological innovations. In addition, the signing of the German Forest Pact and the award of the first German Forest Prize at this year’s Interforst have given the event a special significance for forest owners.”

Manfred Unsöld, Managing Director, ASPEN-Produkte Handels GmbH: “We are very satisfied with the course of INTERFORST, our booth has always been well frequented. Moreover, there were many visitors from Italy and the Netherlands among our guests, which shows that there is an increase in the trade show’s international mix. INTERFORST has always been a highlight for us. We have been part of it right from the outset and will have a booth again at the trade show in 2022!”

Martin Neumeyer, Chairman of the Board of Management of the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise: “INTERFORST is the key trade show for the entire forest industry. For us as one of Europe’s largest forest enterprises, it goes without saying that we present ourselves here. The joint appearance with the Bavarian Forest Administration, the Bavarian Forest Owners Association and proHolz Bayern [active alliance of the Bavarian forestry and forestry trade] was a real eye-catcher and an important destination at the trade show. Furthermore, INTERFORST provided exactly the right framework for our Employee Day; 2000 colleagues could collect information about the latest developments and get together in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Robert Morigl, Undersecretary in the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry: “INTERFORST 2018 has well exceeded my expectations. The event shows that the topic of forestry has reached the mainstream of society. Visitor figures, mood, organization and feedback—everything has been great!”

Josef Ziegler, President of the Bavarian Association of Forest Owners: “At the joint pavilion of the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise, the Bavarian Forest Association, proHolz Bayern and our association we have been able to address many forest owners and interested citizens and to present the services rendered by the forests and by timber as a raw material. Of course, the signing of the Forest Pact by Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder and Forestry Minister Michaela Kaniber has been a highlight for us. The Minister-President emphasized the significance of forest ownership and expressed his trust in forest owners regarding responsible dealings with the forest. The Forest Pact is the basis for successful cooperation to the benefit of the forest in Bavaria.”

Wolfgang Feldmann, Managing Director, Fassi Ladekrane GmbH: “INTERFORST is the only trade show for forestry and forest technology in which the Fassu Group takes part as an exhibitor. This year has been very successful for us; in spite of the heat, our booth has been well frequented. We have noticed that trade visitors had informed themselves well in advance as they looked for specific products in a well-targeted way. At any rate, we will be there again in 2022!”

Stefan Meier, Marketing and Sales Director, Grube KG: “We have been exhibitors from the very start: Grube KG has been represented at INTERFORST since its first edition in 1970. Thus, the trade show is and remains an important date in the company’s trade show calendar. We have succeeded in convincing our target groups of our products and solutions this year again.”

Michael Keller, Press Officer, HSM Hohenloher Spezial-Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG: “Die INTERFORST has had an excellent outcome for us: visitor figures at our booth were great on each day, and we have been able to both intensify existing contacts and win new customers. So we have definitely reached the goals we had set for our participation in the trade show. INTERFORST is simply an event that is not to be missed!”

Elke Vogel, Booth Management, KESLA GmbH: “INTERFORST is a very important trade show for us. The date is always firmly planned, and many employees schedule their customer meetings to take place specifically during this period. At INTERFORST, we have also been able to push ahead with cooperation initiatives that we had planned for a long time and to put them in concrete terms. Throwing a glance at the trade show’s development over the past years, you notice clear professionalization and an increase in the bandwidth of exhibitors.”

Dr. Jürgen Munz, Sales Managing Director, Komatsu Forest GmbH: “We are highly satisfied, it has been a very successful trade show for us. Investments are being made, there is much to be done in the forest. Therefore, the mood in the industry is really good. Our booth was mainly frequented by forest entrepreneurs and representatives of state forests—there have been many Austrian customers; however, our salespeople for western and northern Germany have been working to capacity as well. INTERFORST is a fixed event in our schedule because our customers are all there.”

Prof. Dr. Ute Seeling, Managing Director, Board of Trustees for Forestry Work and Technology [Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik—(KWF)]: “The forestry technology industry presented itself in a very good mood at INTERFORST 2018—innovative and ready to take up the current challenges—such as for example climate change and the grown demands placed on forests and forestry. The exhibiting companies offered many solutions and new approaches to the international trade audience. INTERFORST also provides further important impetus regarding digitalization. A host of valuable specialist talks dealing especially with this topic were conducted at our special show in Hall B6. This has certainly been helped by the spatial and thematic intermeshing of forum, congress and special show.”

Stefan Eisenberger, Managing Director, Latschbacher GmbH: “As specialists in the field of timber logistics and mobile data recording, we find that the forestry sector is becoming increasingly digital. In addition to our existing German-speaking customers, we have been able to establish new international contacts from Europe and Asia, among other things.”

Rudi Geisel, Operations Manager, Nuhn GmbH & Co.KG: “We are very satisfied with our participation in INTERFORST. Our main goal was to introduce our new and powerful forwarder and to present it to the trade audience. We have conducted many good talks with existing and potential new customers, and the visitor figures at our booth have been permanently very good.”

Peter Konrad, Federal Chairman of the Austrian Association of Forest Entrepreneurs: “INTERFORST has been very well organized, the mood has been positive. This trade show is the get-together of the who-is-who of the industry. The joint pavilion of the associations of forest entrepreneurs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland has been a perfect meeting place. Here, entrepreneurs and decision-makers from all three countries could exchange their views and ideas. Actually, we are all confronted with the same challenges such as for example the lack of skilled workers.”

Stefan Oberleitner, Managing Director, Palfinger Epsilon: “The trade show has been great, particularly its organization and public relations work. The subject of digitalization has been omnipresent. There will still be great activity in this field until the next INTERFORST. We have to put our efforts in making the topic more experienceable and tangible at the trade show.”

Clemens Ritter, Managing Director, Ritter Maschinen GmbH: “Every four years, INTERFORST is an important industry highlight for us as manufacturers. During the five days of the trade show, we have been able to provide customers, colleagues, interested persons, journalists and visitors targeted information on our innovative and practice-oriented products. We will definitely be there again in 2022.”

Walter Miller, South West Regional Sales Director, Stihl: “We are very satisfied, we have been very busy. The audience suited us, mainly forest workers, forest farmers and contractors. We have presented our motor saw with injection system, which is a global innovation. INTERFORST is a firmly scheduled event for us, there is no discussion on that point!”

Gert Unterreiner, Managing Director, Unterreiner Forstgeräte GmbH: “We are very satisfied. INTERFORST is definitely one of the leading trade shows in Europe. There is an extremely good mood among the trade show visitors. The level of interest is huge, and there is a great deal of investment activity. We have had visitors from all over Germany at our booth, including from the north and the east; they were all professionals, many forest entrepreneurs. The whole organization of the trade show was very good; above all the setup was very relaxed. A big compliment to the Exhibition Team!”

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