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Bush press and walking floor

December 3, 2019

Albach Maschinenbau has designed and created since  Over ten years of machines in the forestry sector. Here are a few details to the pusher or to Bush press. / Stand FS 1110/10

Walking Floor
The pusher is versatile - both in forestry and in agriculture. The pusher is stable and yet designed to be light and manoeuvrable. The cargo space can be fully utilized, allowing optimal utilization of the cargo volume.

- Total weight 32 tons
- Loading volume 48 m³
- fast unloading time
- low center of gravity, thus improved stability
- lightweight aluminum construction
- Floor with wear protection
- Can be mounted on various 4-axle truck chassis
- automatically foldable rear lighting protection during unloading
- automatically folding roof

Bush Press
The shrub press is an optimal machine for e.g. from landfills or
(municipal) collection points Community removal of shrub and branch material to take over. The wood or the perennials are picked up and pressed with a corresponding pressure. For wage and forestry, this means clearing up landfills on a regular basis. Wood does not rot, but is fully utilized for energy production. Through the pressing process a multiple of loading volume is possible.

Total weight 32 tons
Loading volume 35 m³
Palfinger Epsilon Crane Q150z
Automated, fast pressing process, independent of crane operation
Pressing takes place over the entire body length (6300 mm)
Can be mounted on various 4-axle truck chassis

To the company:

Albach Maschinenbau is located in Menning in the district Pfaffenhofen / Ilm. The company has a total of around 100 employees at its headquarters in Menning and another branch in Langquaid, which are involved in the production of hackers, development, customer service and administration. Since the founding of the company over 250 self-propelled machines have been delivered. The company is active worldwide. Of the
Diamant 2000 owns a motorway license Europe-wide as a self-propelled machine

Michael Bachmaier
Managing Director
Schlierstraße 20, 85088 Menning
+49 / (0)8457 / 934688 – 0
+49 / (0)8457 / 934688 – 1
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